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How coloring has helped reduce Stress & Anxiety in Adults

We all remember going to class in elementary and sitting next to our friends and grabbing our favorite Crayola Pencils and coloring everything in site,right? Maybe that was just me, but the memories I had were always pleasant and fun, although far from an artist I enjoyed scribbling away and making colorful results out of my coloring book even though I could hardly keep the line straight( blame my ungovernable nature). 

Reminiscent of the past, more adults are reliving their old past time of coloring to relieve the daily stress that afflicts us all, is this just a mainstream illusory phase that society is accepting or its something that most adults are now realizing can help them through any phase.

Research from  the University of Mississippi department of Psychology, did a controlled experiment of art-making and how it reduces anxiety on short term basis, the results were indeed telling. The present study had data of 274 participants aged 18-24 (84.7% female, 82.12% Caucasian, 99.23% single) what came from the study was that  all distraction relieved stress tasks such as coloring relieved stress on an immediate short-term basis.  The participants noticed that they were able to focus and enjoy the task with out feeling a need to rush or have any detractors .

Although not a lot of research has been done, I found it very interesting that a simple task such as coloring can make people forget about the present issues and focus on activity that can make them relax. I hope that eventually we will be able to get my research and literature to help us better understand why a simple task of coloring can make us feel better.

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